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Sankey Spear Valve Removal Tool

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Sankey Spear Valve Removal Tool

This Sankey Spear Valve Removal Tool compresses the spear of a keg, allowing you to remove the lock ring in the top of a sankey keg for inspection and cleaning purposes. It can also be used to remove the spear so the keg can be used as a fermentation vessel.

Warning: Be careful to fully depressurize the keg before attempting to remove the spear.

Also, please not that most Sankey Kegs are the property of the brewery and keeping one for just the cost of a deposit from a liquor store is stealing.  This hurts the craft breweries that you love to drink and support, and is illegal, so please help keep your favorite craft breweries making beer by only using legally sourced kegs for homebrew equipment.  For more information, check out this site from the American Brewer's Association.

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