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Kettle Wash Powder - 45 lb. Pail

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Kettle Wash Powder - 45 lb. Pail

Kettle Wash Powder - 45 lb. Pail

KETTLE-WASH POWDER is high alkaline powder, designed for use in all CIP/COP cleaning procedures found in the brewery and brewing environment. KETTLE-WASH POWDER is formulated with sodium hydroxide, low foam surfactants, and water conditioning agents effectively controlling water hardness at high and low alkalinity ranges. This unique formulation penetrates, loosens and removes tenacious brewing soils.


Five Star Chemical – H.D. Caustic #2
Birko – N/A


Brewing VesselsFermenters & Uni-tanks
Brew kettles
Mash tun
Hot liquor tank
Lauter tun
Stainless kegs
Returnable bottles


Low-foaming/defoaming – Ideal for CIP
Economical – full strength powder
Highly chelated – pentrates and removes beerstone deposits
Concentrated blend of surfactants – effectively penetrates soils and deposits
Controls hard water conditions – free rinsing, leaves no residue
Effective in hard water conditions

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