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Kettle Wash - 15 Gallon Carboy

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Kettle Wash - 15 Gallon Carboy

Kettle Wash - 15 Gallon Carboy

KETTLE-WASH is a high alkaline liquid, designed for use in all CIP/COP cleaning procedures found in the brewery. KETTLE-WASH is formulated with sodium hydroxide, low foam surfactants, and a unique blend of water conditioning agents effectively controlling water hardness at high and low alkalinity ranges. This unique formulation penetrates, loosens and removes tenacious brewing soils.


Brewing Vessels – Brew kettles, Mash tun, Hot liquor tank, Lauter tun, Chillers.
Fermenters & Uni-tanks
Stainless kegs
Returnable bottles


Low-Foaming – Ideal for CIP
Economical – full strength
Unique blend of chelants – pentrates and removes beerstone deposits
Concentrated blend of surfactants – effectively penetrates mineral scales
Controls hard water conditions throughout the pH range – free rinsing, leaves no residue
Effective in hard water conditions

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