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Antioxin SBT - 10kg

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Antioxin SBT - 10kg

Antioxin SBT is a new generation of antioxidizing agent especially adapted for the treatment of the malt and unmalted cereals in the brewhouse, acting and minimizing their potential of oxydation LOX (Lipoxygenase). The excellent efficiency of these antioxidizing agents is obtained by using them during the mashing at low temperatures, ideally between 38°C and 42°C.  Under these conditions, Antioxin SBT inhibits the LOX activity, responsible for the aldehyde oxidation or all other oxidizable functions present in the wort. This preventive technology ensures a better control of the raw materials, their condition of storage and their level of humidity.  Thanks to the optimal formulation of its main active ingredients, Antioxin SBT ensures a better protection of the wort and consequently of the beer. Its composition made of selective gallotannins, stabilised with classic antioxidizing agents, eliminates the oxydation potential mainly coming from the humidity adsorbed by the cereals. Its action starts from the mashing vessels and allows till the final product a more persistant freshness, as well as better aromas. The distinguishing organoleptic properties of beer are therefore maintained for a period longer than the one normally achievable with traditional
antioxidant products in the bottling line. Antioxin SBT , which protects beer from the brewhouse, allows to easily reach a longer shelf-life, acting closely with the traditional stabilisers to get a fresh beer and to keep colloidal stability under control. Thanks to its instantaneous solubility, Antioxin SBT can be added directly to the mashing, once grist and water are mixed together. At normal doses of application, the presence of ascorbic acid and potassium metabisulfite is significaly reduced during the process, in the wort kettle, thanks to the effect of temperature.

Potassium metabisulfite, ascorbic acid, gall tannin.

5-10 g/hL of wort during mashing, right after the mix of grist with water.

Antioxin SBT should be added to the water to be mixed with the malt and unmalted cereals before the
mash conversion vessels.

Store in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight and heat.

Antioxin SBT - 10kg

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