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Muntons Wheat - 55 lb. Bag

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Lovibond ≤ 2.44

EBC ≤ 5.0

SRM ≤ 2.55

Wheat Malt

In addition to our barley malts, we supply a range of other malted cereals. 

Wheat Malt is a great addition to any beer requiring a boost in mouthfeel or head retention. This malt is also superb in Belgian, American and German wheat beer applications. Inclusion can be up to 55% as long as the mash and sparge are adjusted to account for the husk, missing from wheat.. 


Addition rates can range from 1-5% for a modest mouthfeel and flavour and up to 20% for intense toast and biscuit notes, paired with an intense dark flavour. 

Typical Analysis:

Muntons Wheat Crushed Specs

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