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Muntons Lager Malt - 1 lb.

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Lovibond ≤ 2.0

EBC ≤ 3.7

SRM ≤ 2.0




Lager Malt




The craft beer movement having concentrated largely on traditional ales, porters and stouts is now showing interest in Lager. Traditional bottom fermented lagers, matured or ‘lagered’ for weeks or months at low temperatures, develop a character and drinkability far removed from the chill filtered, highly carbonated beers traditionally sold as lager in the UK.



















A further benefit of our Lager malt is its high level of enzyme activity - both DP and DU. This will increase the speed of starch conversion and increase the attenuation levels of the beer. When brewing, we recommend mashing at 62 -63 C for a traditional lager. Please keep the gelatinisation temperature of your crop in mind. For more information please ask your usual Muntons sales contact.


Pilsner Malt and Lager Malt Typical Analysis

Ingredient declaration:


Malted Barley


Allergen Information:


Contains Gluten


Analytical Specification (EBC Methodology):




Moisture %



Fine Extract % (dwt)




Total Nitrogen % (dwt)


1.6 to 1.85


Kolback Index

≤38 to 44


Diastatic Power WK (dwt)




Wort Color

(EBC Units)




Beta Glucan





Friability %





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