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Muntons Crystal 90L - 55 lb. Bag

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Lovibond 79.0 - 102.0

EBC 209.32 - 270.70

SRM 107.0 - 137.0

Crystal Malt 240

Muntons crystal malts are available in a range of colours and flavour intensities, offering the brewer a wonderful palate of ingredients to craft the beer they wish to create. Crystal Malts are made by transferring germinating ‘green’ malt to a roasting drum where a partial starch conversion takes place within the grain, creating sweet, ‘crystallised’ or ‘caramelised’ malt sugars. By selecting the correct crystal malt the brewer can introduce interesting colour hues as well as fruit, toffee, coffee, treacle and even chocolate notes to beers. 


Suitable beers include IPA, bitter, mild, stouts and porters. Copper/red/amber in colour with sweet toffee, biscuit, nutty, malty flavours that increase as colour increases. Starches are crystallised. 

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