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Stone Path Malt Nor'east Gold - 55 lb. Sack

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SPM Nor'East Gold SPM Nor'East Gold is a New England crafted drum-kilned malt. A premium light gold-colored malt produced from select two-row spring barley. This European style malt offers a complex character of flavors exhibiting lightly kilned grain with a smooth sweet finish. This malt brews to a rich golden color producing clean and crisp flavored beer for both traditional and contemporary styles. Drum kilned at a low temperature (<90 C) this malt provides enough enzymatic power to be used as a base malt for up to 100% of the grain bill. This malt can stand alone in character to produce a fine, reserved taste which can enhance a brewer's hop notes to produce a special and unique color, aroma and flavor experience. Whether you're creating traditional "Golden Lagers" or todays "Pale Ales" this malt Is the right choice for a the NEIPA. Use a New England Malt for your New England IPA's.


 Malt Type: SPM Nor'East Gold
Package Type: Bag (SS lbs/25kg) Grain Type: Two-Row Spring Barley

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