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Muntons Maris Otter - 55 lb. Sack

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    Pale Maris Otter - 55 Pound Sack





    It is usual for malting barley varieties to be grown for typically five to ten years, until they are superseded by newer, higher yielding and more robust varieties. Maris Otter® however is the exception. Although there have been many varieties with higher yields and extracts, none have managed to remove Maris Otter® from its position as the best known and longest surviving heritage variety. Its characteristic taste and outstanding processability, coupled with its historic significance make this a variety likely to remain a craft brewing favourite for many years to come.





















    Brewers looking for extra malt flavor, should consider this traditional malt; this British staple – Maris Otter®. Introducing strong cereal, biscuit and nutty notes in beer, Maris Otter® remains one of the most popular malt varieties available for the serious craft brewer.




    Malt Specifications

    Ingredient declaration:


    Malted Barley

    Allergen Information:


    Contains Gluten

    Analytical Specification (IoB Methodology):





    Moisture %


    Extract L°/kg

    (dwt, 0.7mm grind)



    Total Nitrogen

    1.35 to 1.65

    Soluble Nitrogen Ratio % (dwt)


    0.50 to 0.65

    Soluble Nitrogen Ratio


    38 to 44

    Wort Color

    (450g mash)


    4 to 6 EBC

    Wort Color

    (515ml mash)

    3.4 to 5.2 EBC

    Beta Glucan

    mg/l (450g mash)



    Free Amino Nitrogen

    @ 1040 SG (mg/l)


    130 to 180

    Friability %


    Homogeneity %



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